Who are the Wandering Knapps

We are a family of 5 from Texas. We love to travel, explore, Jesus and people! Chris and Jolene met in 2nd grade and began dating their freshman year of highschool. They got married in 2004 during college, moved to Texas and started a family.

We have 3 boys. Carter, (11) Chase (10) and Caleb (8). All 3 boys love to learn, explore and swim in the water. Each one has a perfectly unique personality. Carter loves math and organization. Chase is an inventor of any and all things. He also Loves seals. Caleb is a little more quiet, he enjoys reading, playing with his cats and swimming, jumping and anything growing in the ground. He is happy to play with a stick, rock or dirt for hours.

Published by Wandering Knapps

We are a young family with 3 boys learning life on a boat. Every week we explore, learn something, fix something, answer something and try to share the true essence of boat life. We also love this boating community. But no matter what your passions are in life and where your life leads you. We want you to enjoy the journey.

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