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We are a family of 5 who sold eveything to live on a boat and travel. We were not a blogging page nor is it our go to easy way of sharing our journey. We would like to take more time to write. We’ve tried other platforms, making a schedule and it just doens’t work out well with our lifestyle. So bare with us. It may not be updated on a schedule or the most beautiful, creative writting. But we will be honest, real and share our thoughts. We also love feedback, so if you are wanting to know specifics we are happy to share. Once again, Thank you and Enjoy The Journey.

Chris, Jolene, Carter, Chase and Caleb.

Don’t Buy A Boat

Paradise, palm trees, rum punch, white sandy beaches, warm water, cool breeze and tans. Living on a boat sounds like a dream. Why would anyone not like it. The open ocean, no one in sight, swells, unpredictable waves, storms, crashing, rolling, while everything breaks. Dead batteries, no power, no way to start an engine, noContinue reading “Don’t Buy A Boat”

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